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Bug iCUE 3.4.95 - Save to Device non-functional for coolers


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The "Save to Device" function that popped up in the recent iCUE packages does not work on my H115i Pro. I am trying to save a static white color to the pump and it will not accept any input or save any type of lighting. It is permanent default 7 color rainbow.


To illustrate the point, I went back to Link 4.9.7 and saved an all static white profile (fans and pump) to the device. Link is capable of doing this and it worked both when I quit Link, after I uninstalled Link, and right up until the moment iCUE was being installed and driver loaded. Then it became the 7 color rainbow again. Fortunately the fans now keep their prior Link written color assignments, unlike earlier versions that overwrote that aspect with spiral rainbow. Unfortunately, it appears this is still happening to the pump.


It doesn't seem like we should have to uninstall and roll back to Link in order to set the default/saved to device colors in the system. I am not sure how things have changed to make this more difficult than it was before. I did give me a chance to see and remember how much more I like the old Color Wave from Link compared to whatever half visor, half wave sequential wave thing is in iCUE now. Regardless, it is a bit hard to go forward if you are giving up elements you already had.


Verified save to device does not work on iCUE 3.3.103 either. However, the application is less aggressive about squelching the saved color pattern from Link and it does show through at times.

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