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Sabre RGB Remap Keystroke actions don't initially work


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For my Sabre RGB mouse, I have many profiles that have Remap Keystrokes bound to different mouse buttons. Whenever iCue starts, these actions initially do not work. I have to go into iCue and click on each action in the list before they'll work. However, this only seems to happen with Remap actions and not Action actions.


Here's a sample profile I have hooked up to Google Chrome.




You can see 3 key remaps: Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, and Ctrl+F5. If I start iCue and then go into Chrome, none of these actions will work. I have to go click on each one in the Actions list on the left. Then they'll start working. However, if I were to change these from Remap to something else like Macro, Text, Timer, or Launch Application, they would be functioning correctly as soon as iCue opens.


Is this buggy behaviour, or am I missing something?

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