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One bad stick in a Twin pack


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I recently purchased several new components to build a new system. They are: GA-K8NS Ultra 939 motherboard, AMD 64 3500+, ASUS 6800GT, and Corsair Twinx1024-3200C2 2x512MB DDR400 w/black heatspreader memory.


Initially, my motherboard was bad..I managed to replace that through my dealer, but could only recently while waiting for my new motherboard, try the ram. I tried both modules on my other computer with the exact same specs and it would not post. I tried each stick separatly, one worked the other did not. I tried every possible configuration, still nothing. I even tried both and each individual stick in another computer..same result. One stick will not work.


Unfortunately, it's past the 30 day return policy of my dealer, so I suppose I'm looking to RMA. Once I get this, do I have to send both sticks back or just the bad one?


Thanks for your time and patience.

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