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Question about the the device order in iCue


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Hey guys,

i have a problem with the connected lightning profiles regarding the device order.

I'll just copy my post from the Corsair Link information thread.


Is there a way to set a order for my devices in iCue if i use the connected colourwave?

I have 3 LL120 fans in the front of my 460x and they are connected through a Lightning Node,

there is a second Lightning Node with 4 Corsair RGB Strips which are behind my desk and in the back/bottom region of my case.

The Problem is, that the wave starts behind my desk, then goes through the second RGB Strip channel in the Case and then into the LL120's.

I want the wave to start in my LL120's and then go through the Bottom/Back Strips to the Strips behind my desk but i cant find a way to set a order.

I really hope there is a way to solve this, because the wave effect doesnt really look connected and feels a bit unsatisfying.

Swapping the Channels on the Strip Node should solve this part of the Problem, but i have no idea how i can set the start to the LL120's.



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