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RMA process of the T1 Racing Chair


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Hi everyone,


I wanted share/vent my experience when I was trying to RMA this chair so you don't have to go through what I did. This is a long one so if you don't want too read it scroll to the end


I had to RMA my T1 chair due to the steel frame poking from inside the chair and into your thigh which was very uncomfortable. RMA was approved and was waiting for my return label to be e-mailed. I didn't receive my label and called corsair in which I was told that for this warranty it doesn't come provided with a return label. After some complaining they gave it to me as a "courtesy" and was ready to return it.


I noticed that it didn't have any instructions on how to prepare this for return and the document only explained on how to do it for their other products, so I called again. I was told that I should not take the chair apart and to ship it whole. I asked if I would have any issues with UPS in shipping it like that and if they had other returns like this with any issues so and they said no. Once I got to UPS with the chair and told them I was returning it and was told that they can ship it like this and UPS told me they can't and they don't have a box big enough unless they take 2 of their biggest boxes (which they would had to order) and put them together.


I called corsair again and explained my situation. I asked if I can take apart the chair and I was told that they want it whole and if I was to ship it in pieces and not whole, upon arrival to their RMA place it could be rejected and sent back to me. Since it didn't want that to happen obviously I went to other places that would sell giant boxes and (at least where I lived) there are no places that sold boxes big enough for the entire chair. I called again and told them that it's not possible and I have to take the chair apart. They said they'll note it in the ticket and "make an exception" but did not want me to take that route if possible.


I miraculously found the allen key it came with and unscrewed the bottom 4 screws that attached to the bottom of the chair. The gas lift came right out and I had it small enough for UPS to do their magic....at the cost of $81 dollars for packing/box.




Corsair please make this RMA process better. The warranty SHOULD come with a return shipping label. I asked both FedEx and UPS and it would've costed me about $450 to ship back to you guys (I live in florida) due to the size and weight of the product which is MORE than the retail price of the chair!


Also please document instructions on how to return this chair and please stop asking to return the chair as a whole, the chair is too big and cumbersome to ship that way.


*note* Their customer service reps on the phone were amazing and helped me very much so kudos Corsair on that!


Sorry for venting a bit, and thanks for reading

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