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Ticket# 729148/742142 , 3 weeks of misinformation

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The current ticket nubmer is 742142, the previous one was 729148. I am upset at how everyone is giving me mis information. The original 729148 was for the first replacement which came with issues probably from shipping and was told we could use the same ticket number for an Advance RMA on a second replacement but after two weeks it turned out to be false, had to make a new ticket.


Then the new ticket went well originally but I keep getting told lies, I was originally expected a replacement on 6/5, then 6/22 and now it's 6/28 with someone telling me this morning that upper management will look into it. I understand that i can be out of stock but why the rolling dates? I mean if you are pioritizing selling units first then a replacement then I understand if you explain that but nada so far! Anyone can look into this and explain what's going on. Bought over $1000 worth of cosair LL fans and I'm thinking about returning this all with the rate I'm experiencing service.

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