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About a year ago I got myself a Corsair Strafe The none RGB red light one. I've had it for a year with no problems, till on Sunday I woke up and turned on my computer and the keyboard didn't work only the lights showed up.


So the keyboard starts acting like a boot device I guess? and as the title says, it's called "CRP Disabld" I made a ticket to corsair on their support forum and I got a reply today but they are asking for my receipt to validate the warranty of the keyboard, but I bought this a year ago from when I went to America so no way in hell did I keep that receipt since I never thought this would be a problem and I never return stuff anyway.


I've checked all on the internet every source I could find and most people say its stuck in bootloader mode and I need to get a new firmware from Corsair, but I literally can't because they probably won't give it to me if I say I have no receipt, so I don't know what to do, any help is appreciated thanks.

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Hey buddy please help me. I brick my boss keyboard. I already send a ticket.




Strafe RED Led keyboard

Good luck! I've got a ticket open from last Monday for a firmware file that is still outstanding for my Strafe.


If you do manage to get a file please share :)

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