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Proof of Concept: Using iCue to control Analog RGB device(s).


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Curiosity combined with OCD, I decided to do a proof of concept about controlling an analog RGB device with iCue. I used 3x 5mm Diodes (Red, green, and blue) to test this out. I ordered a sheet of ws2811 ICs that are mounted on a PCB. These are compatible with the IC that is embedded in the ws2812 style strips that Corsair uses. I am also waiting on some N-Channel mosfets so I can power 12v as well as higher current 5v loads via iCue.


I have some RGB fittings for my custom loop which are analog and run on 5v. The current they draw exceeds the rating for the ws2811, that is why I need to use a mosfet. I am also running some 12v analog devices (res and CPU block), so I can control them to. I plan on adding ~9 devices as a "Corsair 10 LED strip". I would love to see my custom loop flowing with marquee. I am such a geek!


Some low quality video as LEDs are hard to record and I was to excited. Maybe Corsair will take the idea and run with it.



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I'm really interested to see how this plays out. Any chance on some diagrams?


It will work, the limiting factor might be time and my soldering skills. Also hope I don't screw anything up lol. Though I guess that is what multi-meters are for. :) My solder skills is why I went with the ws2811 mounted to the PCB, it also has a capacitor and resistor soldered onto the PCB as well.





Here is the data sheet:



I am basing my idea off this, substitute the Arduino with a ws2811 PCB:


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