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Corsair K70 LUX RGB Key Malfunction


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Hi. I've only been using the keyboard for about 1.5 months but have encountered a problem with my "w" key. When I press my "w" key this happens:




It seems that hitting w causes the keyboard to somehow press every other key along the same row as w at random. When I hold w, it doesn't trigger the other keys anymore after the first input as shown at the end of the GIF.


I have tried changing the keyboard to BIOS polling mode. Resetting it by holding ESC, removing USB, plugging back in while holding ESC doesn't work. I tried a different keyboard on my PC and the w works fine, which means the problem lies with the K70. I removed the keycap and switch looked fine to me. Updated iCUE software to latest version. After all these steps, the problem still persists.


Does anyone here have a solution to fix it before I decide to RMA it?

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