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[Bug] All devices still screaming USA after Farcry5 Exits.


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iCUE respond fine when system boots up and I can use them and control them via iCue. With this recent patch I noticed when Farcry5 exits, it still retains the the Farcry5 Red, white and blue theme. The only exception is the 6th fan that never worked with Farcry5. This is a different known and documented issue, though it does give me some feedback. Lighting for the 6th is disabled when farcry starts, on exit the 6th fan returns to the previous state. I can control the #6 fan only after exit. Everything else still stays very patriotic.


I rebooted my PC and it fixes the problem, until Farcry5 is started again. So this wasn't a fluke. Also restarting iCue also fixes the issue.

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