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Corsair Strafe Caps, Num, and Scroll Lock get stuck, and firmware update


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I have problem with Corsair Strafe (non RGB) keyboard. I had this keyboard for 2 months, and sometimes, maybe few times in that time, the Caps Lock, Num lock and Scroll lock freeze. In this situation, when kb freeze, the CUE software indicator in taskbar showing small red warning, and when I open the CUE I don’t see keyboard (only my Corsair Katar mouse). I found the same problem described here:


Another question is about Strafe firmware. When I try update firmware from the CUE software, it shows: “Strafe is already running the newest version of the Firmware v. 1.00“. But on the forum I found that already are higher versions of Strafe firmware.

Corsair model: CH-9000088-NA

I’m using the newest version 2.24.50 of CUE.

I’ve also trying iCUE, but with the same results..

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