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Please Help - PSU RMA TICKET #737492


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Dear Any Customer Support personnel,


Please Help!


I would like to mention that so far Corsair your tech support is really not customer friendly.


I would like to Advance RMA my less then 6 months old AX860i but was told that there is no stock. For a Advance RMA or even (by inference) a normal RMA.


Instead I am offered a AX860, but really want to ask, when downgrading, why is Corsair not willing to make up the difference?


I know I desperately need a PSU for my gaming PC to work properly but I really feel that Corsair is willing to exploit my desperation for a PSU.


I understand there is no stock of my PSU model, but I am desperate enough to take a lower PSU as long as I can get something else to make up the difference in price. I do not mind paying more to upgrade for watts I do not need, but that was never put up as an option even when I asked.


It is not too much to ask to get equal value on a product that spoilt and is not even 6 months old?


I love Corsair products but your customer support does not inspire me to want to interact with them in the future. Really painful and feels like taking advantage of my desperation.


Yes I know I can wait forever and a day for you guys to get stock. But does that not mean I am stuck for however long it takes for you to restock. Are you going to extend my warranty to include all the time I had to wait for a RMA PSU?


I hope you can see that is not right nor helpful nor gives me a good impression of Corsair.

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Tonight my Dog just died. This does not concern you.


But I just dont care about this anymore. Corsair provides crap service and I cannot give a crap.


Just refund the credit card charges. Tell me were to send the 6 month bad quality crap PSU. Take the how long the Freak you want for your stock to come in. I know you have stock because your website the PSU is still purchasable. But I guess existing owners are just you know 2nd grade.


I will buy express online a new PSU, it will not be Corsair. I cannot be bother or have any energy to have to negotiate and beg and bargain with Corsair.


I hope to never need to come here again if I can help it.


PS: I am very angry at life now, so sorry if I am pissed. Sorry but I will take away a improportionately bad impress of Corsair. That is again just life.

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The fact that they website shows they still have them in stock most likely has nothing to do with them not having stock, im pretty sure the RMA department is a different location as main building or whatever building supplies the web stores


just incase you were unaware, an advanced rma would (atleast from all ive seen) require you to allow corsair to put a hold on your credit card or bank account for the full price of your unit and then, if in stock, they'd ship you a new one and once they got your broken one back they would then remove the hold on the funds


as far as extended warranty from everything ive seen your warranty is based off of your original purchase, an AXi series power supply is a 10 year warranty


as far as them offering a AX860 instead if an AX860i, as per corsairs warranty their main concern is wattage and functionality, but similar price is also on the list, did they offer for you to be able to wait for the item to be in stock?


also how bout where it was purchased from, usually retailers only accept things within the first 30-60 days but in some cases they may be willing to just allow you to swap your broken one for a new one, that is of course if they have it in stock, and are willing to let you swap it


i dont work for corsair or anything like that, im another customer like you, just relaying things ive seen or found myself when looking into RMA's



my current experience with the support tickets is usually 2-3 days before youll get a reply, its the weekend so id give it some time to get a response on here but from strolling around these forums ive seen there are people here that can usually assist with things

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