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[BUG][iCUE 3.4.95] Lighting Channel desync


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I have made some lighting profiles on iCUE using "custom" effects so i can create my own animations.


Got a single Lighting Node Pro with the following stuff connected:

On Channel 1 i got 4 RGB strips.

On Channel 2 i got a fan hub with 6 ML RGB fans.


So i switch to a profile, in which i got all set up so both channels work together and must be synced to display properly. Everything is synced, all right.


But after some minutes, the two channels start to desync. It's just a fraction of a second at first, but it gets bigger and bigger, and after some minutes both channels are completely desynced.


Sometimes the channels stay on sync, but some of the effects get desynced. For example, i got 10 "gradient" effects on each channel, and i use each one of them as a single "frame" for my animation. So my animation is 10 frames long. In this case (i'm watching it right now), frames 1 to 7 are working ok, but frames 8, 9 and 10 are reproduced with a slight delay.


Sometimes both the desync and the delays happen at the same time.


The "custom" effects i've used are several "Gradient" ones.


I can upload the profile if it's required for testing.

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