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K95 RGB: remap key actions not activating until opened


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I have had an issue since I last updated the Corsair Utility Engine software, which would have been about a month ago or so (I can't recall which version I had previously to that). Currently running the latest, v2.24.50 for my K95 RGB keyboard.


I have a setup where my left 'G' keys are all setup to specific key combinations, for example G2 is set to 'Remap key' -> keystroke -> Ctrl + F2, G3 is set to 'Remap key' -> keystroke -> Ctrl + F3, G13 is set to Shift + F1, etcetera. For different profiles, I use different key maps, for example Ctrl+Alt+F1.

Then, I use AutoHotKey to fire off macros to those key combinations.

Each profile is suitable for a specific use, such as desktop use, specific games and specific programs.


This has always worked like a charm.


Since the last update, I noticed that those macro keys became unresponsive. Analyzing the issue, the actions would not come through on the keyboard side of it. Then, they would suddenly start working again.


I've since found out what stops the issue temporarily, until I switch profiles: when I open the 'actions' screen in Corsair Utility Engine for my active profile and I select an action, THAT action will start working again. Selecting all actions once will cause all actions to work again. Thus it seems to be a bug related to not caching or activating those actions, which is apparently resolved when selecting the action.


I've tried exporting my profiles followed by a complete uninstall and reinstall of the corsair utility engine software (losing my lighting setup for each profile in the process, darnit, but my actions were still there), but the issue remains the same for me.


Is this a (known?) bug, or a different kind of issue? Any idea how I might fix it?


Thanks in advance.



Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/jy1g07

Video explaining and showing the issue: [ame=



update 2:

Since this forum is deprecated and so too is the software apparently (despite still being listed for my keyboard on Corsairs website), I've installed iCUE. Since the same issue persists, I've made a new topic on the iCUE subforum.

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Added screenshots and video upon request
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I have never seen this, but can you post a screenshot? is it possible they are getting deselected from the macro key as you select them? Cue could be crashing in the background for some reason.


You may want to try posting a log file as they can help shed light on it.


I have seen certain actions cause trouble after a time when profiles get corrupted but that has never occurred whit simple remaps. That said, it may also be worth trying one at a time to make some of these key remaps macros that press and release the same way to see if something different happens.


Also, do they not execute at all or is it just delayed. I have heard of that, c-attack had an issue in game with certain other things running (afterburner i think) and it would delay certain events.

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