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iCUE Profile Reset


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Been running iCUE for a bit now and 50% of the time I have to re-import my profile as its deletes my custom profile for cooling (H80i v2). Sometimes it stays and sometimes its completely gone and I have to re-import it.


I have reinstalled iCUE multiple times thinking that might fix it but no luck. I am running the most up today version of iCUE too. It seems it keeps some basic, less important settings but manages to delete the only one that is important which is the cooling profile.


It even seems to remove the "save static lighting, dpi and performance to device" settings too as my fans will be either really low or humming. How is this even possible? I also stopped my PC from sleeping as a few months back corsair CUE would do wierd things with my cooler when my PC slept (when starting back up I could not control H80i v2 but corsair fixed that sometimes back after about a year and a half of not addressing it. But that did not seems to resolve this issue with iCUE.


Hardware Running on iCUE:

H80i v2

Vengence RGB Ram

k70 RGB Keyboard

VOID Wireless

M65 Mouse

Commander Pro


I turned off all lighting profiles also on all devices but mouse and keyboard because I saw someone mention that this resolved their problem but it did not seems to change much on mine.

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