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Red channel on Corsair PSU shroud logo LED on Crystal 570x Mirror Black is dead


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I have the Corsair Crystal 570x Mirror Black and I had my default colour scheme set to yellow on iCUE (this was before I got the case) when I got the case Initially I could't get the LED's to turn on until I noticed that in software that the PSU shroud and front sails logo LED will only light up if you set the software to detect them as SP120 RGB fans (WHY??? but I think it was due to the fact that they were attached to the same fan LED hub as the SP120 fans which were preinstalled in the case)


well anyway then when I set it to yellow like my colour scheme was at the time the middle LED on the PSU shroud lights up as green and whenever I had the LED's set to rainbow wave I knew that LED looked off then when I remembered that yellow light is just a mixture of green and red LED's and when I tried a bunch of manual colours from the instant lighting tab in iCUE any colour which required red LED to mix with green or blue would never show up as the colours of the LED's around it but instead as either green or blue and if changed to red that LED does not even light up

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