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Corsair 570x Mirror Black + 6 LL fans + Strips + Logo


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Hi everyone,

This is the first time I build my own system thus I lack a lot of experience and knowledge. Though I have conducted a lot of research and watched a lot of videos, I still have a couple of roadblocks that I need answer before I can assemble the build. Excuse me asking stupid question since it is my first time 😊


I will be using a Corsair 570X Mirror Black version with a set of 6 Corsair LL120 fans, 4 LED Strips and Corsair Logo of course 😉 I do understand that the logo should go in its own LED hub and 6 fans should occupy another LED. My question is:

• The right way to connect them is: 6 fans go into 1 hub, logo goes into 1 hub; 2 hubs then go into lighting node pro LED port. How can I then connect this Lighting Node Pro to the Commander Pro? This Commander Pro should already have LED Strips connected to it. In total, I will need 2 LED hubs, 1 Lighting Node pro and 1 commander pro.


• With all the lighting and PWM connected to the Commander Pro, I then need to connect this commander pro to the motherboard using the Internal USB 2.0 port. This way, I no longer need to use the fan header on the motherboard; as well as avoid using the fan splitter and put too much load on a single header. I have reading about using fan splitter and there are different opinions regarding whether it is good or bad to put extra load on a single fan header.


• Another question is whether the Corsair 570X Mirror Black version comes with LED Strips or not? I need to make sure before purchase extra LED Strips (they are quite pricey).


Thank you very much for you time.

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