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[v3.3.103] Must manually kill service after sleep for profile lighting to work


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Hi, I have the following setup:







Lightning Node Pro:

  • 2x HD140 RGB through HD Hub
  • 4x daisy-chained Lighting Pro RGB LED strips


Commander Pro:

  • 6x LL120 Fans through LL Hub
  • Above LNP
  • 6 fans + 1x ML140 fan (via PWM splitter) connected to PWM headers.


Version 3.3.103


When I wake my computer from sleep and log into Windows, the fan lighting flashes rapidly between my profile preset (solid white) and the default color scheme (rainbow).


Only after killing the Corsair.Service (32-bit) process in Task Manager does everything reset and my Profile settings take permanent effect.


Any ideas on how to resolve this?


Logs can be found here.

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you can easily do what i did which was to create a task in windows task scheduler to restart the corsairservice after wake up from sleep.


create a new task "corsair lightning service restart" (or whatever), user System, trigger - begin task "on an event" (basic), Log: System , Source: Power-Troubleshooter, Event ID 1 (which means waking up from sleep), delay task for a couple seconds (i put 3 seconds)

Actions tab: action - start a program

settings program/script - net

add argument - stop CorsairService


conditions tab, un-select everything so it doesn't wait for idle or anything like that


settings tab - allow run on demand, stop if run longer than 1 hour, force it to stop


that's it. whenever my comp wakes up from sleep, 3 seconds later it restarts the corsairservice and light flickering is gone.

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