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Corsair Needs a dual 360mm Radiator capable case!


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I have looked at every other major Case manufacture and every brand does have a mid tower that is large enough to accommodate two 360mm at once. I have seen a lot of posts on forums and reddit and many people who do a custom loop have 2x360mm radiators.


I decided to a survey of users to ask what is the ideal setup or current setup for a mid tower case. I had 10 people respond back regarding mid towers:




This does exclude some replies that were out of scope of this "mid tower" survey:


While I would like to see a dual 360mm, I am wondering if it would be a while as they seem to base their mid tower chassis around a front 360mm and top 240mm support. Maybe they will make something new to fit the gap between the 1000D and the 500D.


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