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2 Sticks of PC2700


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I purchased two sticks of 1GB PC2700 DDR SDRAM approximately 4 months ago. I installed them and they worked without incident until last week. My machine began to spontaneously lose all responsiveness (looks like it is shut down, but the power is still on) at undetermined intervals. The problem deteriorated and began happening about 4-5 times every working day. I ran memtest on both sticks together and it could not get through the full suite of tests without the problem mentioned above happening. I then ran it on both sticks individually. The first one was fine, but the second one had a lot of red/failures (couldn't see specific tests cause it then shut down again). I am currently running on the single working stick.


System specs:

HP Pavilion zd7000

Windows XP Pro

Intel Pentium 4, 2.8GHz

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