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H115i and 2700X - Contact Issue?


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Hello everyone!


Starting a new thread about an issue I'm experiencing, with a clearer topic since the issue is somewhat narrowed down.


A few days ago I finally upgraded my rig from AM3 (FX-8350 @ 4.7GHz, never went past 56C in roughly 1yr of H115i goodness) to AM4 (2700X).

However, after quite a lot of testing, my results aren't the greatest.

Simply put, the coolant temp won't rise more than ~2 degrees C.


While using AMD's Ryzen Master to measure Package temps and Corsair Link to measure the coolant's temps, I've run a few stress tests and while Package temp sits at around 88-91C at 1.425V, 4200MHz, coolant temp just won't go past 33C.


I've tried reseating the cooler over a dozen times with varying thermal paste (Arctic MX-4 and Prolimatech PK-1 in all the patterns I could think of), varying pressure (both the standoffs and the thumbscrews were tightened differently between attempts)


I also noticed between attempts that the thermal paste was always scarce in the middle compared to the edges of the chip, which hints to a contact issue as well. I used the AM4 bracket for the H115i (CW-8960046).


Anyone else using a similar enough setup that's had any issues? Any suggestions for solutions/things to try out?


Thanks in advance for any attempt to help me out here.

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Solved: After much testing I RMA'd the H115i unit. Replacement came in today and.. it's no longer happening.


I'm fairly sure it was indeed a contact issue due to a deformity, very likely caused by cooling the overclocked 8350 for 1yr'ish.


Hope no one has similar issues but if you do.. RMA is the way to go.

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