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30-40% CPU usage from lighting effects of DarkCore SE

Violet Gravity

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I have a 3570k @4.5, and it's pulling over 30% cpu usage at from icue. After some digging I found the cause to be the lighting. My K95 was lonely so I got him a friend and this happens. All firmware and software is up to date.


quick fix:

disabling lighting

(smart right?)


evidence of this here




As CJ said it was fixed in the recent update from 3.3 to 3.4. If you are running 3.3 and need to update to 3.4 and it won't let you in iCue you will have to download it directly from the website. If they fixed this I can't say as I have been at 3.4 for a while.


Also congrats on your nuptials, my K70 is sleeping with the enemy 0_o.

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