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k70 Rapidfire, strange build of buttons which make it uncomfortable to use.


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Hello people at Corsair, first of all i have to say that your quality in the products you offer is very pleasant and i must say that i am glad i have finally left behind that joke of a brand called Razer.


Owner of a Void pro, scimitar pro and the k70 rapidfire so far as well as 2x vengeace 8gb ram sticks.


I am typing from my K70 Rapidfire right now which i have for about 3 weeks and i really like so far but i cant stand a few small details about it since i can't get used to them which made me create this topic towards you.


1) What's the deal with the smaller Shift button and the extra / | button near Z ?


2) Why is the Enter button so big? it's hiding a lot of RGB lights because of how flat it is compared to the keyboard you're showing on the box of the keyboard which is completely different than what it is in the Box, this is not pleasant surprise to be honest and the keyboard i expected to get was the one shown in the Box.


3) It's causing me a lot of typos so far when i try to press Z or Shift because i never really had experienced something like this with another keyboard so far, the shift is about 1/3 bigger than a regular key which is very hard for me to use in many situations where i am used to having my shift button big, it's my main button to bindings in games like world of warcraft and when i am usually playing FPS games for the slow moving and on top of it controlling my caps lock and writting in general.


It is not a cheap keyboard as it comes in the price of 170 euros and i really never had or saw a keyboard where the main keys such as those were built different on it.


All i was expecting was what i saw on the box :/


Is there anything we can do about this case?

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What region do you live in? Also, what is the part number displayed on the back of the keyboard itself?


(CH-9101014-EU) It looks like all the keyboards with this kind of part number are with the small shift and fat enter including that extra small button between Z and Shift.


This is a BIG miss information about a keyboard in this price range.

How hard was it to put a sticker on it that says ( DIFFERENT LAYOUT WATCH OUT )


Is the consumer obliged to know that based on a part number the layout of the keyboard is different?


Do i really have to open the box and have a surprise like that since there is no sign on the box or anything that this keyboard is gonna have different build of keys created on it?


How is a consumer able to recognize you are selling a different product than what the box shows based on just a part number?


Don't get me wrong the keyboard itself is brilliant but i cannot get used to this small shift and i actually paid 170 euros for a premium keyboard like this and expected to get what you actually showed me on your box.


I never in my life had a keyboard with such a small shift and on top of that a button between the Shift and Z lol? How would anyone ever want this?

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My previous keyboard Logitech K800 (with russian layout) has the same layout as yours with small left shift and big enter. I like big enter but not small shift. Now i have K70 Rapidfire and K65 Rapidfire and both with normal layout (big left shift) and it's more comfortable to me too :)
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