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Keyboard disconnects (Hardware Issue)


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Hey guys,

so I've now had this issue for quite some time and couldn't fix it on my own, right now pretty much any activity involving the use of the keyboard for over a few seconds is undoable for me.

The keyboard disconnects every few seconds, giving me the Windows sound of an USB device disconnecting, and leaving me either with no keyboard for a few seconds or keeping buttons I pressed during the disconnect pressed resulting in chaos while playing games (as if the disconnect isn't bad enough) or in the worst case holding backspace while I was just writing something (better copy the text at this point).

I already reinstalled Windows including drivers and CUE so I'm pretty sure it is a hardware problem but I'm open for any possible solutions since I can't be certain with my knowledge. (Keyboard Reset by holding ESC did work but didn't solve it)


Really hope you guys can help me out here since I would love to continue using the keyboard because it has no other issues (it is a few years old though).

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