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So dissapointed


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3 months ago, I bought a K-55 RGB at home. It was a huge mistake.

There is not a single day where your keyboard (****, sorry but we must say what it is) has not bugged. Here are the different problems that I have had:

-The colors are blocked

-The keys do not work

-The keyboard is not recognized

-The macros do not work

-The keyboard disconnects all the time

Before answering "yes, it comes from your machine", remember that one, ALL my drivers are up to date, and I tested on 3 different computers.

Today, I saw on your fantastic forum, that it was necessary to press page up and page down at the same time and to connect the keyboard. What I have done.

Now the keyboard does not work anymore. It's one of your employees who said to do that.

Then I downloaded your software, corsair utility engine. I was told that the firmware was incompatible, and that I had to contact the support.

So I created an account, created a ticket, finally tried. I was asked for a number. I took in everyone I had. But none worked.

So now, now you know the story, I was at razer, I wanted to change the keyboard after 5 years without problems, I buy from you, and the first day, it does not work.

I am so disappointed with your brand, disappointed and angry.

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