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H75 and H80i v2 mounting brackets for AM4 confusion...

Mr Lucky

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Hello all and my first post concerns the AM4 mounting brackets for the H75 cooler and H80i v2.


I recently bought second hand Corsair H75 cpu cooler (I can rarely afford brand new Corsair gear but I get it when I can as I am a total Corsair fanboi!). It came, unsurprisingly, with every CPU mount but the AM4 I needed so I ordered the AM4 mount from Corsair directly and it came, was fitted and worked fine.


No problem so far.


A few weeks back I was given (FOC) an almost brand new Corsair H80i v2. I had to drive a 100 mile round trip to get it but it was worth it because its a thing that has 'Corsair' written on it and it has a bonny led light as well.


I get it home and check some specs and it seems it is missing the Corsair Link wire. So I order it direct from Corsair and it arrives a few days later.


So I go to fit my H80i V2 in place of the H75. I'm thinking I'll just swap over the AM4 mounting bracket from the H75 as it said on the Corsair site that the bracket fits both the H75 and the H80i v2.


Except it doesn't. Or rather I am doing something so terribly wrong that it doesn't seem to. I can't believe that Corsair have got their mountings in a muddle so it MUST be me. But the mounting bracket system on the H75 utilises a plastic retaining collar that snaps onto the mounting bracket after its tabs are dropped into the slots around the cooler, whereas the mounting bracket system on the H80i V2 seems to be a twist-lock fit that doesn't have a plastic retaining collar. This twist lock system doesn't seem to have the space in the grooves of the twist lock to accept the raised tabs of the bracket that works so well in the H75.


I have rechecked the Corsair website and it does say the bracket mounting system is the same for both coolers so please tell me what my dumb self is doing so wrong?


Sorry for the verbosity, its just my way...

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Thanks Lettuce, I'm happy to.
















I'm now questioning my ability to correctly identify Corsair coolers. As regards to the foam padding under the cooler casing that is visible. Does that looked disturbed or pulled about to you? I am wondering if the person who gave me this has modified it in some way?







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Apologies to all. I have sussed it. The casing seemes to have been the issue as it wasn't seated correctly. I plucked up the courage to unscrew it and reseated it and tidied up the foam padding inside too, which I think may have been a contributing factor to the case not fitting. Press, twist, click. Perfect.


Of course this out of adjustment casing got me worried, thinking that I had a dead H80 but I'm glad to say it is up and seemingly running beautifully.






Many thanks to your response to my first post...



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