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Bad RAM Stick


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I have purchased several of the Corsair Ram sticks about a year or so ago from Newegg.com. I have them spread across two different computers in my home (2 in each box). Both computers have been running great over the past year and half and I made no modification to any settings or recently loaded any new drivers. Just recently one of my computers started to crash continually on me in multiple places. It even started having boot problems. Sometimes it would crash on boot, other times it would complete the boot up process and then crash shortly after entering the OS. I have two identical RAM chips (CM64SD256-2400C2) in the computer in question. I pulled out the first stick of ram and my computer would crash every time on boot up in different spots. I replaced the first stick back in the computer and pulled out the second stick of ram. All of my problems went away and the computer ran great with no problems. To further test the stick of ram I placed it my second computer which was running the same model ram chips. Suddenly that computer now had problems booting and crashed in multiple places continually. I removed the suspected bad ram chip and everything went back to working normal. In both computers I tried to place the RAM stick in multiple slots and the same problem occurred no matter where it was located. Finally I placed the suspected bad ram stick a new computer I was building and tried to load the OS. To no avail the OS load crashed continually. I would like to see if it’s possible for me to RMA the bad ram stick and get a replacement sent out to me. Thank you for your time.



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