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Voyager 2GB


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a few questions:

1. is it possible to boot from the Voyager USB stick (PC BIOS allows to)?

details in question 2 below

2. I would like to partition the stick into two partitions

one with 128 MB for standard access, formatted as FAT

this partition would contain a bootable DOS system (primary partition)

the second one (rest) to be used by truecrypt as a partition container

this would reside in an extended partition with one logical drive

XP only allows to format as one partition and even disallowes deletion

linux allows more partitions, but those are not available to truecrypt

this is true regardless of whether it is a primary or an extended partition

3. The size of the disk is less than 2 GB - it shows up as only 1.94 GB in XP harddisk manager and linux (as 64 x 62 x 512 CHS; I would actually expect it to be 64 x 64 x 512 CHS). So my question is: Where is the rest of the memory - i.e. 64 MB? Is the drive probably defect (i.e. one memory bank)? It was bought new less than 1 week ago.


Any help appreciated





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