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Sharing my experience with Spectre/Meltdown update


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I recently set-up a Corsair One 1080 M.2

I have a ticket open #737615


I've run into some problems while updating the BIOS and now I have no display available.


Here's a run down of what I did leading up to my predicament:


I ran userbench before I updated anything and everything came back great


I ran userbench after I updated everything (Windows, MSI Live, Drivers etc) and noticed some things dropped in performance. Notably, the GPU went from performing "As Expected" to "Below Expectations" and the CPU took a bit of a hit as well.


I decided to follow the instructions regarding the BIOS update, I formatted a USB to Fat32 and extracted the update to it

Launched BIOS and adjusted settings as per instructions

I noticed the USB wasn't highlighted red like in the instructions

I rebooted and it went into Windows

I had a look on the web and downloaded RUFUS to create a drive on an 8gb USB2 rather than the 64GB USB3 I had been using.

I booted into BIOS and saw that the USB was now highlighted like in the instructions.

I extracted the update to the USB and rebooted, but it went to windows

I copied the contents of the "system bios flashing tool" folder and pasted them into the USB

Rebooted and was greeted by a blank screen. Keyboard and mouse are on, computer is on but display is unresponsive. I've tried all ports and 2 screens.


Another thing I noticed is that the computer now requires the power button to be held down to turn off.


I've since found on the forum the MSI instructions which show using the M-Flash and probably didn't need to create a Bootable USB with RUFUS etc.

Results might have been different but who knows.



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I just logged into my account to check the status of my support ticket but it says "You have no support tickets".

I clicked through the pages and notice there was no addresses saved either, so I input my address but it doesn't save. It just shows "No saved addresses".


Anyone else notice details missing from Corsair Account?


**EDIT** Found the support ticket in the Customer Service Portal

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