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Corsair Obsidian 500D RGB & Commander Pro Problems!


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Hello all.


I've recently purchased and obtained the Corsair Obsidian 500D RGB which includes the Commander Pro. Great eh? Well no it isn't! So far my new purchase has generated a cascade of problems.


Fortunately, I have pretty much tackled all of the problems but one at the moment (that I am aware of). When I look at the performance tab (for the Commander Pro) it shows the following voltage rails:

12 V = 3.28 V

3.3 V = 5.07 V

5 V = 4.98 V

I have no idea where these numbers have come from but the low 12 V rail is stopping me from adjusting the speeds of all of the fans connected to the CP.

I have, for the sake of it, checked the voltage rails using a multimeter and I have connected the CP power sata to different power sata connectors - FYI I do not use the molex connectors.


The other observation that I have made is that the CP LED indicator is not on, it only flickers on a couple of times during the boot process. Id love to know what this LED indicator means but any corsair manual I've looked doesn't seem to share what it is for.


I've reinstalled and installed the latest iCue software (to date) and have installed and forced installed the latest firmware (to date) for the CP.


I have also uninstalled HWmonitor (based on what I've read in a few other threads) but I have not uninstalled Asus AI Suite 3 (which also monitors voltage rails and so on).


Can someone help me please


*Additional information - I've just measured the 12 V rail pin from the CP box and it reads the same as the software, 3.28 V. I guess I should create a warranty ticket.




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