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poor support ticket:736292

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hi, I bought the corsair case 1000D, but the 1000D commander does not work I sent ticket 736292, explaining that I did all the tests found here in the forum but if it is not revealed by the computer will certainly be faulty, I answer to continue to do the same evidence is no longer answer,

the chat service is useless.

never seen such a poor service


sorry for my english.

but the most shameful thing that a society like corsair does not have Italian support.

then I would like to know but the manual of the 1000D case where I find it?

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Hi Superino,


Your ticket has now been approved for replacement of the Commander Pro.

I asked several times to support if I have to send in commander pro 1000D but I have not received any response, it is not written anywhere about it, and I do not intend to pay any spoof, the accessor came with the case did not work no my fault, only 2 days of life but it did not work right away.


excuse my English


but the manual of the house where I find it?

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