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MM800 Polaris lights turning red?

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If you are still within your return window, I would exchange it. The irony is that thing defaults to the spiral rainbow (incessantly!), so this snap to red is very out of character. You could also go through Corsair customer service if the exchange time period has passed.
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Okay, so it's 09/2020 and this thread is old as balls (still 1st when googling this problem. You'd think this would mean that it was solved & doesn't occure anymore), but still... it just happened to me?

Out of the blue, first time.

The MM800 RGB Polaris went full static colour red.

I checked the current profile in iCue and that showed the preview window in static red, but the Lighting Effect the same as usual for my set profile.

I tried to set a new lighting effect in the profile, on top of the "real" one (regular default 'rainbow') but nothing changed.

I switched through my profiles & the MM800 stayed red throughout.

I unplugged the hardware & thought that might reset it, but it didn't.

I then restarted iCue and that did the trick, but honestly... wtf?

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I have found this happens when I update my iCue or preform a fresh install sometimes. Check settings and deselect "Enable SDK". This solved my lights turning red on both my Mouse pad and Mouse.
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