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K95 Platinum MX Speed ON THE WAY!


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Can't say it enough but I'm extremely excited to get my Corsair K95 Platinum with the MX Speed switches early next week. Got a smoking hot deal on a brand new for $127.99 shipped to my door! Been on the Logitech band wagon for a long time but after reading all the 5 start reviews on this keyboard I decided it was time to make the switch. Got a couple questions for you guys though since this is my first mechanical and rgb lit keyboard.


1) Does the K95 come with the contoured WSAD keys? Unless I missed it on the description it was not clear however I saw them pictured in the product photos.


2) Does a mechanical switch keyboard require any maintenance that your standard crappy soft rubber button keyboard does not?


3) Best way to clean a keyboard? I try to keep my keyboards clean and they generally last for many years (current keyboard is a Logitech G110 owned since 2009) but I can't lie sometimes I eat Cheetos lol.


4) Any cool tips or tricks related to this keyboards software and/or CUE lighting?


-Thanks in advance!

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Hi crrafferty89,


Glad to hear you're excited about getting the K95 Platinum keyboard! I'll try to answer some of these questions from my experience with it.


1. Yes, the K95 Platinum come with FPS and MOBA textured grey keycaps.


2. I haven't needed to do anything to my switches on any of my mechanical keyboards other than dusting the keyboard.


3. I generally just use an air canister to clean off the board and a damp cloth to wipe the keycaps.


4. There is a lot you can do in terms of Macros and lighting effects, It would be best to just kind of try a few settings to see what you like!

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