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PSU Cables dont fit to my Obsidian 500D-Case


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Hello there,


i already posted in the German Language Support but i can imagine theres much more going on here on the international one.

Please excuse my probably bad English.


I recently got a HX750i and an Obsidian 500D Case. The Cable management possibilites are pretty damn nice!

Tho with the HDDs and SSDs mounted on the backside the Sata-Power Cable have to be straight. All i got with the HX750i are Sata-Power Cables that connect around the edge - i cant close my Case then.

Now i looked into some Cable-Sets and even ordered one of them.

Good Thing: The End of the Sata Cables here are straight.

Bad Thing: Every other Sata connection still isnt.


I need 5 Sata Connections (HDD, Liquid Cooler, Commander Pro, 2xSSD) and i Cant fit 5 of those cables into the Case - especially because they are taking even more place than the standard ones because of the sleeves.


Now what i'm looking for is actually something like this:




But, correct me if I'm wrong, i need type 3 cables. And i cant seem to find any of those straight ones for my PSU.

Already thinking off returning my PSU and Cablekit to get one thats comatible with type 4 cables.


Has anyone any idea if/where i can get those for my PSU?



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