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Ram modules either dead or incompatible


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Ok here's the situation.


A little over 2 years ago I purchased 2 256 meg sticks of XMS3200 with the following numbers on the sticker:


CMX256 A-3200 C2




In short, no Motherboard/CPU combo I have installed this RAM in will even POST. That said, they have all been Nforce 2 boards 3 Leadtek K7NCR18Ds, one MSI K7N2 Delta, and one Chaintech 7NIF2. Now this RAM worked fine in the early revision Leadtek board it was originally installed for almost a year, right up to the point I flashed the BIOS for a CPU upgrade (Barton AXP) in late 2003. Afterwards I basically threw known good components at the problem including various power supplies, motherboards, video cards, you name it, for what seemed like forever until finally someone loaned me a stick of Muskin RAM, which upon being installed allowed the system to POST and boot into Windows with no problems. Seeing all of this the only conclusion that I can make is that the RAM has either gone bad or is simply incompatible with anything but the early revision Leadtek BIOS. I would have requested an RMA long ago, but had lost my reciept and with it the order ID #. Since finding it I have contacted ZipZoomFly (formerly GoogleGear at the time of purchase) to try and get them to RMA the modules for me, but they informed me that I would have to go through Corsair, and so that is why I'm here.


Thanks in advance for any assistance.:)

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