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one Broken TwinX Module


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after I've got several crashes in my winXP i decided to try memtext x86+.

Directly in the first test hunderts of errors pop onscreen. After 3 minutes of testing over 1000 errors was counted.


I changed the memorytimings and also the volatage like specified in the FAQ also i clocked them down to 333Mhz but nothing good at all.


After testing nearly everything the bios is able to I decided to get onb the Hardware and switched the modules in the memory bank.


Same errors occured.


After this I removed one module, tested, same errors appears.

I Removed this module and plugged in theother one i removed in the previous step and run test again. Whoups... No problem. After 30min without a single error I abort the test and inserted the "maybe broken" module back.


Test again and hunderts of errors.


Now I have the module removed from my system and also WinXP is fine.



Some TIP's or a RMA for me ?



Here some detailed specs:


System: Shuttle XPC SB52G2

CPU: Intel P4 3,2 Ghz

Mem: 2x TwinX CMX512-4000 512 MB, 500Mhz, (XMS4000v1.1, 0339062)


Bought roughly 1 year ago.


Tested with memtest x86+ v1.5






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Please either follow the link in my signature "If you have submitted the RMA using the on line form and have not got a reply!" or call them at 888-222-4346 and dial "o" that will take you right to customer Service.

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