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Default and XMP profiles error codes,double post additionally if XMP Enabled


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Pc specs:


X hero


Dominator platinum 3200mhz 2x8gb CMD16GX4M2B3200C16

EVGA 750g2 supernova

H150i pro rgb


Hello everyone,


Can anybody help me...I am trying understand why

I am getting error codes at default 2133mhz speed

25,4f, 16, 27,4c,32,50, 37 (not in order) all codes don't shown for long apart from DRAM orange led code 32 which happens twice.

I RMA'D cpu, motherboard & dram already but still having the same thing...currently on latest BIOS 1301


If i enable XMP i get the codes when I power on it switches off after 1 sec then comes back on itself

When this happens i see the VCCIO voltage AT 1.3+ volts and VCCIA only raised to 1.18 lowering these helps can stop the double posts.

BOTH Motherboards, RAM set and cpu !( I must make clear) do the same to voltages. So i know it is related to the RAM so I am wondering...


Are these voltage strange....Since I know most people's voltage would say they should be within .05 of each other.


OFC i have done all tests i can think of outside of the case with minimal hardware. I mean really though i have the 3 components here twice!

Same voltages, same codes, same issues.


In OS environment it seems fine and i don't see memtest errors. But I haven't gone longer than 8 hrs each time in test.

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Just to make sure: These status codes are shown on the debug display, but only very short and the sequence finishes with a succesful POSt and boot into Windows?


Then that is nothing to worry about and basically normal behaviour. Some codes are not actual error but status codes instead and always show up on startup. For some of the others it depends on your UEFI settings, like for example if the CSM is enabled.


As for VCCSA and VCCIO you can probably manually lower them to only a very slight + offset over normal for DDR4-3200. Some 8700K can do DDR4-3200 at default voltages even = with no offset at all, it depends on IMC quality.

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Firstly I'd like to thank you alot for taking your free time to help me.


Just to confirm the code 32 seems to last longer and lands on this code twice after jumping through other codes in between.

So like this power on green boot led then cpu led code 25 for about 1 sec then dram led for about 2 secs with code 32 then repeats those two Leds and code 32 then all else is successful.


Just to note it also can double if i loaf optimize defaults but only once then all other cold boots normal.


If I lower the VCCIO VCCIA to even 1.150 with XMP It will still play nice and not double post.


Just worried why it goes up from 0.986v to 1.34v but the VCCIA doesnt go near as high...sorry if i sound too paranoid but I lost my other components in the process of trying to solve this.


Thank you once again.

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