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60LED/Meter WS2812 Strips


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I think it is awesome how Corsair branded their own WS2812 and had the foresight to differ themselves from everyone else selling the cheap stuff, by adding in magnets inside the strip. These are great for attaching the strips to steel cases.


I had a meter of ws2812 60LED/M that I was using on my motherboard DLED header. Though I prefer iCue to RGB Fusion. My first LNP was being used by my HD-120 and my 4xStrips, so I got a second LNP and decided to attach the meter strip to the LNP. As I was attaching it to a wooden desk, I didn't need to have magnets. If you guys sold a regular old ws2812 w/o magents with a meter of wire attached to it with the 3pin connector, I think some people would buy it. Don't know how many people would buy it right now, though desk back lighting is a new trend that a lot of people have in the battlestation subreddit.



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Hello. Before my corsair fans LL series i've already have thermaltake riing plus fans and 1 nxzt aero fan, plus i have 4 leds strips drom nzxt.

As topic starter mantion before - you can connect cheap 2812b led strips so i decided to test myself what i can connect and how they will work. So 1st i tried to connect nzxt led strips to lightning nod pro an they worked even they have 4 pins (you don't need to connect FD pin) after that i tried to connect regular 2812b strip it worked, so i decided to combine nzxt strip with regular 2812b strip it worked kind of... i mean you need 1st connect 2812b led strip and only after that nzxt led strip...If you put nzxt led strip 1st and after that 2812b led strip the 2812b led strip will not work. As i mention earlier i have 3 thermaltake rgb fans with 12 leds and you can connect them to your lightning nod pro or commander it is very easy, they use same pins numerations. And i managed to connect nzxt fan to lightning nod pro, but it has only 8 leds and its not so interesting to use it especially after LL fans from corsair with 16 leds.

One more thing: you can connect to Thermaltake hab fans from corsair without any problems. The only problem if you connect led strips to corsair lightning nod pro they connect one after another, they connected together...On thermaltake hub you use each port for 1 led strip. And you dont have so many customization in software. There are only 3 effects on which all led strips used like one big leds trip with continuses running on them effects. But there is one plus, you can turn on music sync. NZXt software is something in the middle between corsair and thermaltake. You have more effects and customization but the software work is horrible.

So for now i'm using 3 leds strips from NZXT, 2812b led stip with 30 leds and 3 LL120 corsair fans with one Thermaltake riing plus fan, and waiting for 1 more LL120 fan.

Small notice Thermaltake led strips have 12 leds. Corsair and NZXT have 10 leds. On thermaltake you can connect 5 leds strips or fans at the same time or mix them. On nzxt you can connect 8 leds strips to both channels or 4 led fans + 4 leds strips but maximus 40 leds on channel. On corsair you can connect 6 led strip + 6 leds fans or 12 leds strips and 0 fans :o:. - from one pack of leds.

Hope you understand my bad english:D:

And my information was usefull for you.





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