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Customer Service Changed?

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I've been buying Corsair products for the past 10 years.


Slowly have I noticed that their RMA department and warranty/support department is no longer the same.


The quality and speed of resolution are slow and not efficient.


I currently have two outstanding RMA's that need to be followed up, one is waiting for an ERMA refund which I have been waiting for at least a MONTH now. And the other is a standard RMA in which the original unit has been delivered but the shipping department hasn't even shipped out my new unit in the past 4 days.


I speak with customer service and they keep telling me they are checking with the matter. Back in the day, you could call the representative and had the issued resolved right away over the phone.


Now all they can do is ask you to wait. Terrible. :mad:

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  • Corsair Employees

Hi GordonGor,


Yes, both updates are on your ticket.


Please feel free to post here if there are further issues, or post on the ticket for an update. We apologize for all the trouble you've gone through. These mistakes do happen, but that doesn't mean that they are acceptable.

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