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Corsair link needs to be able to read and control all temperatures and fans


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Why isn't this already so? Why are we limited to controlling only corsair products?


Corsair link would be a lot more versatile, and popular, if control was expanded past only Corsair. This can only be a good thing.


For example, I bought a pair of Noctua fans to replace the fans that came with the h100i v2, but they're 4 pin, not 3 pin. I'd like to connect the pump to a dedicated 3 pin and the Noctua fans, with a splitter, to the cpu fan header. But now Corsairlink has no way of controlling the fans. I have to use Speedfan, coupling cpu temperature to the h100i fan speed, instead of liquid temperature coupled to fan speed.


Corsair, can you look into this and make a change?



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