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Disconnect Sound Start K55


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Hi. I have bought the K55 and I noticed iCUE is causing a disconnect sound every time I login to Windows. I know iCUE is at fault, as if I have it disabled upon startup, no disconnect sound and the moment I run the software, disconnect sound. The keyboard is working fine, but it's just a little annoying.


So basically what happens is, I start my PC, my K55 is doing RGB colors, I login to Windows 10, iCUE is loaded and loads my profile so I hear the "disconnect" sound and then as that happens, my keyboard changes to my own lighting which I specified, static yellow. The weird thing is, if I close iCUE once it's already been launched, it will go back to RGB lighting, then when i run iCUE again, it will go back to my static yellow but this time without the disconnect sound. So the disconnect sound only occurs on the very first startup of iCUE upon login. I noticed somewhere else had this issue here too



2 years old and no fixes.


Does anyone know any fix?

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