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Corsair link PSU monitoring question


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I have a question about what to look for when monitoring my PSU with the corsair link software.


I just got an RM750i PSU, and I really love the ability to monitor it with the corsair LINK software :sunglasse


Is there a guide somewhere on what to watch for, in looking for abnormalities?


My 12V over a 10 min period, from time to time, shows some very minor dips (dips of around 0.1V) These dips seem to only last a fraction of a sec. or something like that. As for what my 12V normally sits at, it seems to normally sit at 12.20V (very briefly shows 12.10 during one of those dips) Have never seen a dip though that goes lower than 12.10V. Are those very short and shallow dips normal?


As for the 3.3 and 5V, those 2 seem to be super-stable and at a constant 3.3V and 5V respectively.

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