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multiple Corsair fan issues


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As the title suggests, I am having possible multi fan issues.

These are with my H150i PRO RGB AIO, & my AX860i PSU fan.


I am not familiar with this high end gear, so I am very unsure hence my questions.


I have been trying to find out how to fix the problems, but again, I am some what unsure.

With the, CUE tells me that the pump is running at around 2000rpm. Very high, I realise. I want to have the pump run as low as possible & speed up when it is needed. But I am not sure how to do this.



The 2nd issue is the AX860i PSU fan where CUE tells me that the fan is 0rpm. Should this be correct?



The other issue is the lighting patterns that are available through CUE.

I seem to recall somewhere that there are a heap of different patterns. More so than what seems to be the default.

I remember a corsair video where he mentioned a pattern called "pong" Why am I not able to find this?



Thanks in advance

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1) No, you don't want your pump to run as low possible and especially if you are going to use zero RPM fan mode. You can get away with it if you are using the PC to sit and read, but it becomes a bit of a hassle to constantly change settings as you transition to different tasks. The PRO series pumps have 3 different fixed speeds. Quiet is around 1100 rpm. Balanced about 2000. Extreme 2800-3000. My suggestion is to put on Balanced and leave it. You don't really see much benefit to running the highest pump speed for most CPUs (including the 8700K). If you are in a very quiet room with almost no other noise, you might notice the pump and can set it to Quiet. However, there is a bit of a performance deficit at that speed when moving to more constant work loads.


2) The 860i, like a lot of PSUs, only engages its fan when it reaches a certain temperature. I do not know if you can alter the fan curve or not with iCUE, but the passive behavior is normal. It should kick on somewhere around 40C.


3) Pong is for the LL series only and it is currently unavailable in the iCUE version. I believe they are trying to work out some kinks and bring it back at a later date. There are 17 other patterns and really unlimited options when layering gradients and static colors.

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