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Issues with HD Fans after replacing power supply


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Hey guys,


My PSU just blew last night so this morning I went and got a new one and hooked everything up. However, when plugging everything in, 2 of my 3 HD fans are only showing 1 green led light but they are all spinning. My 4 led strips work with no issues, and my 1 SD fan lights up and spins as well.


My current RGB setup is this:


- 3 Corsair HD fans in the front of my Corsair case

- 4 Corsair RGB led strips

- 1 SD Corsair fan


- The Strips are attached directly to the lighting node pro

- The 3 HD fans are attached to the RGB fan hub which is plugged into the

lighting node.

- The single SD fan is plugged into its own extra RGB fan hub thats hooked

up to the built in SD controller in the case.


So like I said, before the PSU blew everything worked great, I use the icue software and no issues with any of the lights. But after I replaced the PSU all the lights seem to work except the HD ones. I've tried moving a bunch of the fan wires to different slots and hasn't seemed to work so far.. any suggestions?


Thanks in advanced!

- Mike

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I have the 2 RGB fan hubs and tried plugging the HD fans into each of them and then plugging into lighting node but i get the same result.. Fans 1 and 3 will always only light up with one green led light while the second fan will never light up no matter what slots i put them in into the hub
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How did the PSU blow? What happened?

I'm wondering if it took the fans with it ...


I was streaming last night and I started to smell something coming from my PC. I was looking at my PC temps and noticed they were higher than usual so I turned my PC off. Then my PC just wouldn't turn back on and when I opened it up the smell was coming from the PSU so I took it out and got a new one this morning.


Once I booted it back up the led strips and all the fans spins however, the leds on the HD fan don't seem to be working. Weird that the fan would spin but the lights aren't working. I'm going to head to microcenter in a few to grab another to rule it out.

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So ... yeah ... sounds like the dying PSU took the fans with it. Sorry, that sucks. :(:


Glad it's all sorted.


Yeah I was kind of mad cause I just got those fans a few months ago refurbed but not much I can do haha.. Tried using the HD fans with the icue too but it doesn't seem to like them hehe =P

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