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Feature Request - Lighting Link on CPU coolers


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Think I have seen one or two other people mention this feature request, but wanted to add my thoughts on it too!


Enjoying using iCUE, unifying LINK and CUE, cutting down on the different apps I need to run.

Love the unified experience.


I especially love, instant lighting.

This is an awesome feature.


What I don't like, is that iCUE can change the colour of the LED on my H80i V2, but will not change it as part of instant lighting.


I know the cooler(s?) don't currently support lighting link, but it would be fantastic if this was added so that every supported device, actually changed colour when using instant lighting.


Hopefully in the pipeline ;)




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Possibly not.

I am sure it can be done in some fashion though. If the app can change the coolers colour under a manual instance whereby the user sets a colour, then I would expect that even if the cooler didn't support lightning link natively, instant lighting could maybe have some hook into the same method that the manual change does.


So when you set an instant colour, you also tell the app that the user has "manually" changed the coolers colour to match.


Fingers crossed though, as it's the only RGB element for me that doesn't currently change :D

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