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Thoughts on Corsair RGB LED strips


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People always have criticism, though I wanted to say job well done. I have owned 5050 Analog and Digital RGB strips prior to getting my Lighting Node Pro. I used them for ambient lighting in my home theater and for under cabinet lighting in my kitchen. Before I got the LNP I used generic Analog strips that were connected to my MB's RGB header. I was not impressed as the "3M" tape didn't hold it's own weight. While there is a cost premium for the Corsair RGB strips, they are better than anything I have used:


  • Magnets: These are amazing it allow to easy placement and reuse. Other strips just lose their adhesion.
  • Water proofing: This will help prevent shorts, if it some how falls onto a component.
  • Connect Part A:The latch connectors prevent them from disconnecting, this happens with a lot of other generic RGB devices and it can be a headache when doing wire management when something gets disconnected.
  • Connector Part B: Keyed Connectors Prevent users from plugging them in the wrong way as well.
  • Connector Part C: Not using a 3/4pin fan connector, which I have seen other companies do and have seen people complain when they fry their 5v item by plugging it into a 12v RGB or Fan header.
  • Branding: Having Corsair's name on it says that they didn't just buy bulk strips and add some connectors, they put thought into this.


Overall I think Corsair did a great job with the RGB strips.

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