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2011-v3 socket, h80i v2 compatibility


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I've a problem with a 2011-v3 socket on asus x99ws-ipmi mainboard.


My previous mb was a 1151 socket and for that socket I'd bought a Enermax AIO kit that it had to be compatible also with 2011 sockets but, if I install this kit on new 2011-v3 socket, cpu goes to 85 Celsius in about 3 minutes..! This bacause the mounting system doesn't hold and keep squeezed the pump on the cpu/compound surface... seems there is about a millimetre between the pump plate and the cpu surface...


Are the hydro h80i v2 really compatible with 2011-v3 sockets? Is the best single radiator cooler choice for this socket?


Anyone had tried this combo?


Many thanks,


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