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Can't assign Back/Forward Mouse keys to Macros


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hi, like the title suggests, I want to make a macro with the buttons on the side of my mouse on my K95 RGB keyboard. they are generally recognized by programs as "Mouse_4" & "Mouse_5" but are actually named "back" and forward" in the CUE


I found how to remap a key to them, where it is obviously handled fine but for some reason, the macro tab doesn't allow selecting them (why design a second, less effective way to chose a key?!)


so there starts my wonderful adventure in the world of corsair:


I searched and the crazy amount of adverts and reviews spamming my results made it impossible to find an answer (not helped with the very common key words) but I DID find someone saying remapping a key somewhere else and launching that as macro would work, it didn't. it only pressed the key, ignoring the remap.


so I tried signing into corsair and it won't allow me to, giving me an error message I couldn't find anywhere else since its code seems generated at random.

"An error has occurred. Please contact customer service with the following error codes:




also trying to get the message again for this thread, I learned that the user ID I submitted before is now taken, without me receiving a confirmation email or the ability to log in.... so I have limited tries on top of that.


so: does anyone know either how to achieve my goal or at least how to contact corsair about it?

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