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Your recommendation for Fatal1ty mobo


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Buying an Abit Fatal1ty mobo.

P4 550 3.4

X850XT PE vid card

What is your best pick for this mobo with some OC (probably whatever the AI on the board does without pushing extremes)?

2x512 sticks

TwinXPro 4300 with the 3-3-3-8 latency or 5400 a 4-4-4-12?


Which would have the better throughput, lower latency or higher FSB?

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The 4300C3 modules are your best bet. They will do the low latencies and high clock speeds @ CAS 4 if you want to go past 700 mhz on the memory. Since you are not looking for an extreme OC you will get better performance sticking with the low latency modules.
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