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570x rgb + vertical gpu mount


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Hi Captainveyron,

May I ask if you can just use the Cooler Master GPU riser and screw it into this case WITHOUT having to CUT or MOD the case?


I really love to vertically mount my GPU but at the same time do not want to cut or do any damage to the case.


Case Corsair Crystal series 570x

Cooler Master Universal Vertical VGA Card Holder


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Why would I need to buy an extra piece when there is space in the back to mount it vertically?

Is saw at the back of the case that there is space for it? So why would I need that extra piece?


Not every purchaser of the case will want to use the vertical slot for their GPU. They are just giving more options to the buyer if they want to utilize it.


The same can be said for mount points/slots for water reservoir/pumps/rads. Should they provide them too? Its bad enough you're forced to buy/install an rear fan the manual says is included but isn't.


Adding such extra hardware increases the cost per unit by that much and will deter people from buying the case. These are expensive enough as they are.


Unless you have a blower type card, or using water cooling I wouldn't use a vertical GPU in the case. Any fans will be choked for air against the glass side and your thermals will go up and may lead to throttling. Not to mention the sound of your GPU fans at 100%.

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I didnt ask about any cost about the product. Just asked how to mount it.


And doubt the air will be choked since there is space between the glass and the case.


There's not a lot of space honestly, works great for me but I have a hybrid card so it just looks cooler.


As for your answer, you'll see there's two perforated slits in the back. They have a little cover hatch on the very rear you unscrew first, then pop out those two metal slits. The rest will obvious be once you've done that.

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I know im bumping a older one but cablemod has a better kit then coolermaster now.https://store.cablemod.com/products/?filter_product-category=vertical-pci-e-brackets

With the cables it has you no longer have to cut nothing and can return the case back stock.

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Just bought a black 570X case and currently there seem to be 3 options for vertical gpu mount adapters:


-CableMod Vertical PCI-e Bracket

-Phanteks PH-VGPUKT_02 – Universal Vertical GPU

-Cooler Master


Which best fits the 570X? My GPU is a LC Vega 64. If there's a consensus here that would be easier than ordering 3 and trying all.

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